O grupo apresenta seminários esporadicamente às sextas-feiras, normalmente baseando-se em um ou mais artigos. Os seminários começam às 16h00, na sala 205 no Departamento de Física, no prédio do CCE. Confira a programação dos próximos seminários.


À definir.


Seminários passados:

08-07-2022 – Matheus Cavalcanti de Albuquerque. D. Cialoni et al, Dive Risk Factors, Gas Bubble Formation, and Decompression Illness in Recreational SCUBA Diving: Analysis of DAN Europe DSL Data Base, Frontiers in Psychology (2017) 8, 1587.

01-07-2022 – Kairon Márcio de Oliveira.

10-06-2022 – Juliano Fernandes Teixeira. S. Zhu et al, The photoluminescence mechanism in carbon dots (graphene quantum dots, carbon nanodots, and polymer dots): Current state and future perspective, Nano Research (2015) 8, 355-381. PARTE 1.

03-06-2022 – Vinícius Damasceno Costa. K. A. Rosowski et al, Elastic ripening and inhibition of liquid–liquid phase separation, Nature Physics (2020) 16, 422-425.

20-05-2022 – Alan Augusto da Silva Reis. Z. Guo et al, Discrete Lattice Effects on the Forcing Term in the Lattice Boltzman Method, Physical Review E (2002) 65, 046308. [PDF]

13-05-2022 – Resultados dos Membros do Grupo de Bolhas e Introdução do Grupo de Simulação de Fluidos.

06-05-2022 – Kairon Márcio de Oliveira. S. Gsell et al, Electrochemical deposition of leaf stalk-shaped polyaniline doped with sodium dodecyl sulfate on aluminum and its use as a novel type of current collector in lithium ion batteries, Synthetic Metals (2021) 278, 116837. [PDF]

09-04-2022 – Vinícius Damasceno Costa. S. Gsell et al, Phase Separation Dynamics In Deformable Droplets, Soft Matter (2022) 18, 2672-2683. [PDF]

01-04-2022 – Juliano Fernandes Teixeira. P. M. Wilson et al, Oxidative Peeling of Carbon Black Nanoparticles, RSC Advances (2015) 5, 92539-92544. [PDF]

25-03-2022 – Matheus Cavalcanti de Albuquerque. J. Rodríguez-Rodríguez et al, Physics of Beer Tapping, Physical Review Letters (2014) 113, 214501. [PDF]

11-03-2022 – Juliano Fernandes Teixeira. S. Khodabakhshi et al, Oxidative synthesis of yellow photoluminescent carbon nanoribbons from carbon black, Carbon (2021) 183, 495-503 . [PDF]

04-03-2022 – Kairon Márcio de Oliveira. K. Wu et al, Reinforced polyaniline-dodecyl benzene sulfonate hydrogel with well-aligned fibrous morphology as durable electrode materials for Zn-ion battery, Synthetic Metals (2021) 274, 116721. [PDF]

25-02-2022 – Matheus Cavalcanti de Albuquerque. L. Sun et al, Research Progress on Bulk Nanobubbles, Particuology (2021) 60, 99–106. [PDF]

18-02-2022 – Vinícius Damasceno Costa. T. Curk et al, Phase Separation and Ripening in a Viscoelastic Material, arXiv:2201.08922 [cond-mat.soft] (2022). [PDF]

17-12-2021 – Kairon Márcio de Oliveira. A. Prasannan et al, Synthesis and Characterization of “Hairy Urchin”-like Polyaniline by Using β-Cyclodextrin as a Template, Langmuir (2011) 27, 766–773. [PDF]

10-12-2021 – Juliano Fernandes Teixeira. M. Portaccio et al, Laccase biosensor based on screen-printed electrode modified with thionine–carbon black nanocomposite, for Bisphenol A detection, Electrochimica Acta (2013) 109, 340-347. [PDF]

05-11-2021 – Vinícius Damasceno Costa. A. Thogersen et al, Solar induced growth of silver nanocrystals, Journal of Applied Physics (2013) 113, 144301. [PDF]

29-10-2021 – Matheus Cavalcanti de Albuquerque. M. Matsumoto et al, Nano bubble-Size dependence of surface tension and inside pressure, Fluid Dynamics Research (2008) 40, 546-553. [PDF]

15-10-2021 – Kairon Márcio de Oliveira. C. Zhou et al, Synthesis of Polyaniline Hierarchical Structures in a Dilute SDS/HCl Solution: Nanostructure-Covered Rectangular Tubes, Macromolecules (2009) 42, 1252–1257.[PDF]

01-10-2021 – Resultados Semestrais dos Membros do Grupo.

24-09-2021 – Juliano Fernandes Teixeira. A. Ghasemi-Kahrizsangi et al, Effect of SDS modification of carbon black nanoparticles on corrosion protection behavior of epoxy nanocomposite coatings, Polymer Bulletin (2015) 72, 2297–2310. [PDF]

17-09-2021 – Matheus Cavalcanti de Albuquerque. C. A. Ward et al, On the Thermodynamics of Nucleation in Weak Gas Liquid, Journal of Basic Engeneering (1970) 92, 695-701. [PDF]

03-09-2021 – Vinícius Damasceno Costa. K. A. Rosowski et al, Elastic stresses reverse Ostwald ripening, Soft Matter (2020) 16, 5892-5897. [PDF]

20-08-2021 – Kairon Márcio de Oliveira. K. Yoshida et al, Inclusion Complex Formation of Cyclodextrin and Polyaniline, Langmuir (1999) 15, 910-913. T. Shimomura et al, Insulation Effect of an Inclusion Complex Formed by Polyaniline and β-cyclodextrin in Solution, Polym. Adv. Technol. (2000) 11, 837-839.G. Yuan et al, Preparation of Inclusion Complex Between Polyaniline and β-cyclodextrin in Aqueous Solution, Polym. Adv. Technol. (2003) 14, 428-432. [PDF]

13-08-2021 – Juliano Fernandes Teixeira. H. Ridaoui et al, Effect of cationic surfactant and block copolymer on carbon black particle surface charge and size, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects (2006) 278, 149–159. [PDF]

06-08-2021 – Matheus Cavalcanti de Albuquerque. H. Watanabe et al, Ostwald ripening in multiple-bubble nuclei, J. Chem. Phys. (2014) 141, 234703. [PDF]

30-07-2021 – Vinícius Damasceno Costa. Aurenhammer, F. Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay Triangulations. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2013. [PDF]

05-12-2017 – Leonardo Augusto Bau Caumo. O. M. Del Cima et al, Gas diffusion among bubbles and the DCS risk, Proceedings from the International Conference on Underwater Education ICUE 2017 (2017).

28-11-2017 – Bruno Pimenta. A. M. Xavier et al, Marcos da História da Radioatividade e Tendências Atuais, Química Nova (2007) 30, 1, 83-91.

14-11-2017 – Juliana Silva Quintão. A. Schoel, W. M. et al, The captive bubble method for the evaluation of pulmonary surfactant: surface tension, area, and volume calculations, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (1994) 1200, 281-290.

31-10-2017 – Kairon Márcio de Oliveira. A. Reide et al, Polyaniline Dispersions. 9. Dynamic Light Scattering Study of Particle Formation Using Different Stabilizers , Langmuir (1998) 14, 23, 6767-6771.

17-10-2017 – César Melo da Rocha . A. M. Streets et al, Ostwald Ripening of Clusters during Protein Crystallization, Phys. Rev. Lett. (2010) 104, 178102.

03-10-2017 – Leonardo Augusto Bau Caumo. M. Alheshibri et al, A History of Nanobubbles, Langmuir (2016) 32, 11086-11100.

26-09-2017 – Bruno Pimenta. C. Cramer et al, Dropformation in a co-flowing ambient fluid, Chem. Eng. Sci. (2004) 59, 3045-3058.

19-09-2017 – Marina Alves Marinho. R. Palepu et al, Surfactant-cyclodextrin interactions by conductance measurements, Can. J. Chem. (1988) 66.

12-09-2017 – Juliana Silva Quintão. Tyowua et al, Manipulation of Concentration-Conductivity Data of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate and Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulphonate in KCl Solution in Relation to Micellisation Parameters, Chemical Siences Journal (2012) 1.

05-09-2017 – Kairon Márcio de Oliveira. S. Havlin et al, Scaling behavior of diffusion on percolation clusters, Phys. Rev. A (1983) 27, 3.

29-08-2017 – César Melo da Rocha . P. Epstein, P. S. and Plesset, M. S., On the Stability of Gas Bubbles in Liquid-Gas Solutions, J. Chem. Phys (1950) 18, 11, 1505-1509.

16-08-2013 – Jader Carlos Moreira. P. Carbone et al., Interactions of PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymers with lipid membranes: a computacional and experimental study linking membrane lysis with polymer structure, Soft Matter (2012) 8, 6744.

09-08-2013 – Laura Lima Guaitolini. J. Cleary et al., Analysis of wastewater using an autonomous microfluidics-based analyzer, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (2009) 52, 196.

28-06-2013 – Danilo Machado Fulgêncio. Introdução aos Negócios Sociais.

21-06-2013 – Ubirajara Pereira das Virgens Júnior. Novak U. et al., Ionic liquid-based aqueous two-phase extraction within a microchannel system. Separation and Purification Technology (2012) 97, 172-178.

14-06-2013 – Júlio Cézar Barbosa Rocha. Gref R. et al., New self-assembled nanogels based on host-guest interactions: characterization and drug loading. Journal of Controled Release (2010) 111, 316-324.

07-06-2013 – Samuel Arruda Arcanjo. Jerome P. Paques et al., Alginate submicrom beads prepared through w/o emulsification and gelation with CaCl2 nanoparticles., Food Hydrocolloids. (2013) 31, 428-434.

15-04-2013 – Jader Carlos Moreira. α-Lactalbumin Nanotubes: a Brief Review.

08-04-2013 – Laura Lima Guaitolini. Tom Krupenken, J. A. Taylor, Reverse Electrowetting as a new approach to a high-power energy harvesting, Nature Communications (2011) 2, 448.

11-03-2013 – Danilo Machado Fulgêncio. Ping Yan et al., Oil recovery from refinery oily sludge using a rhamnolipid biosurfactant-producing Pseudomonas, Bioresource Technology (2012) 116, 24-28.

01-03-2013 – Kríscia Joabe B. Silva. T. Nasiru et al., Determination of critical micelle concentrations using UV-Visible Spectroscopy. J. High School Res (2011) 2, 1.

25-02-2013 – Ubirajara Pereira das Virgens Júnior. Ho Cheung Shum et al., Microfluidic fabrication of water-in-water (w/w) jets and emulsions. Biomicrofluidics (2012) 6, 012808.

18-02-2013 – Júlio Cézar Barbosa Rocha. Mária Benkõ, Zoltán Király, Thermodynamics of inclusion β-complex formation of ciclodextrin with a variety of surfactants differing in the nature of the headgroup. The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics (2012) 54, 211-216.

04-02-2013 – Samuel Arruda Arcanjo. Ho Cheung Shum et al., Droplet microfluidcs for fabrication of non-spherical particles. Macromol. Rapid Commun. (2010) 31, 108-118.

28-01-2013 – Fernanda Martins Bastos. Estudo de Surfactantes Iônicos e da Interação do Poli(Óxido de etileno) com o Surfactante Brometo de Dodecil-Trimetil Amônio (monografia). 30 de janeiro.

21-01-2013 – Milton Ossamu T. Filho. I. Chakraborty et al., Transfer of anti-alcoholic effect of Nux Vomica 200 cH through water from one group of toads to another under alcohol anesthesia. Int J High Dilution Res (2012) 11, 216-223.

14-01-2013 – Laura Lima Guaitolini. Gwendolyne Hellé et al., Microfluidic tools for the liquid-liquid extraction of radionuclides in analytical procedures. Procedia Chemistry (2012) 7, 679-684.

17-12-2012 – Jader Carlos Moreira. G. Cazzolli et al., Aggregation processes in micellar solutions: a Raman study. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy (2012) 43, 1877-1883.  

10-12-2012 – Danilo Machado Fulgêncio. Tandiono et al., Sonochemistry and sonoluminescence in microfluidics. PNAS (2011) 108, 5996-5998.

10-07-2012 – Jader Carlos Moreira. Viswanathan et al., Amnestically induced pesistence in random walks. Physical Review Letters (2007) 98, 070603. 

04-07-2012 – Danilo Machado Fulgêncio. E. Aimici et al., Alginate gelation in microfluidic channels. Food Hydrocolloids (2008) 22, 97-194.

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20-06-2012 – Flávia Souza Almeida (DTA-UFV). W. Piatkiewicz, Determination of pore size distribution in hollow fibre membranes. Journal of Membrane Science (1999) 153, 91-102.  

19-06-2012 – Álvaro Neves (DPF-UFV). “Os bastidores da ciência – o estranho caso da quantização da condutância do a-Si”. A. J. M. Neves, Conductance Quantization in Amorphous Silicon Switches, Phys. Rev. B (2004), 70, 19, 95333-95337.

13-06-2012 – Júlio Cézar Barbosa Rocha. L. Wang et al. Polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene oxide) Reverse Micelles and Their Temperature-Driven Morphological Transitions in Organic Solvents. Macromolecules (2012) 45, 3634-3638.

12-06-2012 – Ubirajara Pereira das Virgens Júnior. G. Munchow et al. Electrophoretic partitioning of proteins in two-phase microflows. Lab Chip (2007) 7, 98-102.

06-06-2012 – Samuel Arruda Arcanjo. G. M. Viswanathan et al. Lévy flight search patterns of wandering albatrosses. Nature (1996) 381, 413-415. A. M. Edwards et al. Revisiting Lévy flight search patterns of wandering anbatrosses, bumblebees and deer. Nature (2007) 449, 1044-1049. 

05-06-2012 – Alvaro Teixeira. J. Sznitman et al. Material Properties of Caenorhabditis elegans Swimming at Low Reynolds Number. Biophysical Journal (2010) 98, 617-626.

29-05-2012 – Júlio Cézar Barbosa Rocha. B. Sierra-Martín et al. Microscopic Signature of a Microgel Volume Phase Transition. Macromolecules (2005) 38, 10782-10787.  

15-05-2012 – Jader Carlos Moreira. M. J. Kositza et al. Micellization Dynamics and Impurity Solubilization ofthe Block-Copolymer L64 in an Aqueous Solution. Langmuir (1999) 15, 322-325.

08-05-2012 – Kríscia Joabe B. Silva. S. Sulfiqar et al. Synthesis, static, and dynamic light scattering studiesof soluble aromatic polyamide. Polymers for Advanced Technologies(2008) 19, 1250-1255.

24-04-2012 – Fernanda Martins Bastos. C. A. Gracia et al. Static and dynamic light-scattering studies on micellar solutionsof alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chlorides. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2004) 276, 408-413.

17-04-2012 – Ubirajara Pereira das Virgens Júnior. M. Yamada et al. Continuous Cell Partitioning Using an Aqueous Two-Phase Flow System in Microfluidic Devices. Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2004) 88,490-494.

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14-06-2011 – Júlio Cézar Barbosa Rocha. J.-L. Lemyre et al. A new approach for the characterization of micellar systems by Dynamic Light Scattering. Langmuir (2010) 26, 10524-10531.

07-06-2011 – Fernanda Martins Bastos. Y. C. Chiu et al. A general method for determining the micellar dissociation concentration of a surfactant using a differential refractometer. Coll. and Surf. (1996) 106, 23-31. C. Hua Tan et al. Rapid determination of surfactant critical micelle concentration in aqueous solutions using fiber-optic refractive index sensing. Anal. Biochem. (2010) 401, 144-147.

31-05-2011 – Gustavo Arrighi. Investigação Experimental do Processo de Ruptura em Amostras de Papel.

24-05-2011 – Kríscia Joabe B. Silva. Introdução à Reologia. Larson, Ronald G.; The Structure and Rheology of Complex Fluids, Oxford University Press; New York, Oxford (1999).

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14-09-2010 – Ubirajara Pereira V. Jr. J. Berthier et al. Highly viscous fluids in pressure actuated flow focusing devices. Sensors and Actuators A (2010) 158, 140-148.  

24-08-2010 – Pedro Rodrigues III. Investigação de Sistemas Magnéticos – Ferrofluido.  

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13-07-2007 – Alvaro Vianna N. de C. Teixeira. Surfactantes, Micelas e Emulsões.

08-03-2007 – Ubirajara Pereira V. Jr. P. B. Umbanhowar et al. Monodisperse Emulsion Generation via Drop Break Off in a Coflowing Stream. Langmuir (2000) 16, 347-351.

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